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11 Best Modern Flatware Sets For 2019 (Updated!)

I hope we’ll be on the same page when I say:  Modern Flatware

A good meal is never complete without a good set of Flatware. Right?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “New Fashioned” Flatware is not an easy job.

That is why I have come up with a list of Best Modern Flatware 2018. After extensive research and hours of testing this Flatware, I have shortlisted the top 11 Flatware that you can buy right and enjoy every meal better.

Latest Modern Flatware Collection (UPDATED!)

  1. Luxury Rose Gold Flatware 24 Piece Set

rose gold flatware

The Luxury Rose Gold Flatware 24-piece set offers 6 place servings and each comprises a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner and dessert spoon. You can comfortably serve 6 people with the 4 cutlery each.

The high end German 18/10 stainless steel Flatware is resistant to corrosion meaning it will last longer and you won’t have to worry about rusting. The set finish does not chip thanks to the metal coat.

The Rose gold color and quality design of the cutlery gives this Flatware a luxurious look. This will add to the style of your dinner tables at family reunions.

When it comes to cleaning, the set can simply be wiped using a soft cloth. You can also use a dishwasher which will make it even easier for you.

The Luxury Rose Gold Cutlery set is durable and stylish. This could be the best modern Flatware for special occasions and formal dinner settings.

  • Lasts over years
  • Rust resistant
  • UPDATE – Now available in 24 / 30 / 36 Piece set with salad fork & steak knife
  • Does not have a hostess set
  1. Luxury Jet Black Flatware Set

Get comfortable as you take dinner with your family with this Flatware. The Luxury Jet Black Curvy Flatware set gives 4 place servings each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon, and a dessert spoon.black silverware set

When it comes to cleaning, the cutlery can be easily washed using a dishwasher or by wiping using a soft cloth.

It is long lasting thanks to the strong handmade steel. The German 18/10 steel will ensure your cutlery is rust-free and with no scratch for a long time.

The curved knife will give you an easy time thanks to its ability to cut through thick meat.

This modern-stylish set will add to your kitchen design and works best for a small family of 4.

  • The German 18/10 stainless steel is rust resistant and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant hand forged design
  • High-quality
  • Offers only 4 place servings
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. Luxury Stainless Steel Floral Flatware 24 Piece Set

Looking for the perfect set of floral designed cutlery? The Luxury Stainless Steel Floral Flatware has an elegant design you would want on your dinner table and for display in your kitchen.floral flatware

It offers 6 place servings each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and a coffee spoon.

Worried about your cutlery rusting? Made of an alloy of steel and chromium, this set is built to last and is also rust resistant. With the quality design, you can be sure of using it for long without seeing scratches on your cutlery.

The cutlery has a wide handle to offer a firm grip on your hand. This will be comfortable to use by both you and your family.

Cleaning this set is hassle-free since it is machine washable and can also be cleaned by just wiping with a piece of cloth.

With a stylish design and a shiny finish, this Flatware could just be the best for a modern-day kitchen and dinner table.

  • Elegant floral design
  • Hand forged, thus a premium quality
  • Rust resistant and durable
  • Stylish
  • Does not include a hostess set
  1. Royal Gold Plated English Cutlery 24 Piece Set

You will love the increased elegance in your kitchen and dinner table by this set of Flatware.gold cutlery set

The Royal Gold Plated English Cutlery 24-piece set offers 6 place servings each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon, and a teaspoon.

Each of the cutlery has a gold coating that your family will love as it gives your dinner table and kitchen a lustrous look. You will also love the design on the handle that adds to the sleekness of this Flatware.

The Flatware can also be cleaned easily by using a piece of cloth. Due to the soft nature of gold coatings, we do not recommend the use of the dishwasher for this design of Flatware.

The Royal Gold Plated English cutlery has been stylishly designed with a great finish. The gold coating makes this a great Flatware to have in your contemporary kitchen but could not be the best for everyday use due to its soft and delicate nature. The elegant embossed design on this Flatware makes it best for high-end occasions.

  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect Flatware for formal events
  • Needs proper care. Otherwise, the surface might scratch
  • Does not come with a hostess set


  1. Luxury Silver 24 Piece Flatware Set

Improve your kitchen design with affordable and lustrous Flatware. The Luxury Silver 24-Piece Flatware set has been polished to give it a clear surface. The finish is highly lustrous and will give your dining table a fine look.silver flatware set

The polish and the strong, durable steel will keep your Flatware rust-free for long.

The knife’s handle is curved and will feel comfortable on your hand for easy use.

When it comes to cleaning, this set can be washed in a dishwasher or using a soft dishrag.

It offers 6 place servings each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and a dessert spoon.

The Luxury Silver 24-piece Flatware set adds to your kitchen look and is durable making it a great choice for the price.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Shiny and stylish finish
  • Strong and durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • UPDATE – Available in 24 / 30 / 36 Piece set with salad fork & steak knife
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. Luxury Gold 24 Piece Flatware Set

How about Flatware that enhances that expensive tone to your kitchen or dining table? Introduce this unique and extravagant Flatware to your home to give it a perfect touch. This gold coated Flatware is pleasing to look at as it is to have.gold flatware set

It is made of strong alloyed steel with a thin film of gold to make it corrosion resistant. It has been handcrafted to give it a quality design and great performance that you will love.

When it comes to washing, we recommend using a dishrag as opposed to a dishwasher for the durability of your cutlery.

The set offers 6 place servings each containing a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and a dessert spoon.

The curved handles are easy to use as they have a firm grip and a comfortable feel on the hand.

The Luxury Gold 24 Piece Flatware set is a great addition to your dining table. With this set, your dinner will be transformed to an occasion that both you and your family will love. It could also be a good choice for special family events.

  • Enhances your dining table look
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Electroplated gold color
  • Needs to be handled with care. Otherwise, it might tarnish quickly
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. JOMU ® Modern 24 Piece Flatware Set

How would you like Flatware set that offers you different colors to select from? JOMU® Modern 24 Piece Flatware Set has been coated to offer a black, silver and gold color, so you are not restrained to one color.brushed flatware

The coatings add to the cutlery durability and make them corrosion resistant ensuring you will live with the set over the years without replacement.

It offers 6 place servings of a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon, and a dessert spoon.

Each of the cutlery set has been designed to add style to the dining table thanks to its stylish handle. The long handles will add to your dining table design as they bring balance in a formal dinner setup.

Washing will not be an issue for you as they can be cleaned easily using a soft dishrag and a dishwasher. We, however, do not recommend placing the gold coated option in a dishwasher.

The electroplated Flatware is durable and rust resistant. Its design and the option to select from 3 different colors makes it the best modern Flatware with great value.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Very strong
  • Has long and stylish handles
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • The gold-coated option needs careful handling
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. ROXY® Modern 24 Piece Flatware Set

Add to the ambiance of your kitchen with this classy two-tone Flatware.colored handle flatware

The ROXY® Modern 24 Piece Flatware Set offers 6 serving places each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner, and dessert spoon meaning you can serve 6 people comfortably.

It has been crafted to give it top-notch quality and performance. The German alloyed steel ensures rust-free and long lasting cutlery that your family will enjoy over the years.

The Flatware comes with a handle of two different finishes to add to your kitchen design. The long handles are great for an official dinner setup as they break the formality. The two-toned handles also feel comfortable on the hand and have a good grip.

The Flatware can be easily washed using a soft cloth or using a dishwasher, so you won’t have to worry about taking too much time cleaning them.

You will have 4 different options to choose from thanks the Flatware’s electroplated colors coupled with the different tone handles.

The ROXY® Modern 24 Piece Flatware Set will not limit you to one choice and you will definitely like this feature. With this set of Flatware, you can invite your friends and family to home events, and they will love and enjoy the extra elegance.

  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Long and stylish handles add to modern kitchen design
  • Features electroplated colors
  • The gold-coated options might need special care
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. LONGWELL® Rainbow 4 Piece Cutlery Set

The LONGWELL® Rainbow 4 Piece Cutlery Set offers a colorful set to brighten up your dining table.rainbow flatware

The durable stainless steel will grow with you over years so you won’t need to worry about replacing the set. It is also corrosion resistant.

When it comes to cleaning, just place it in the dishwasher or use a dishrag and you are good to go.

The elegant multi-colored Flatware will not only enhance your kitchen and dining table style but is also designed to make it easy for you to use with their firm handles.

The dinner and dessert spoons are deep enough to give you a decent scoop for each bite.

It offers 1 place serving per set. Each set contains a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner, and dessert spoon.

The LONGWELL® Rainbow 4 Piece Cutlery Set offers a long-lasting, easy to clean Flatware at a great price. Get one and add some color to your dinner and parties.

  • Multicolored ( Rainbow )
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Elegant design
  • Does not have a hostess set
  1. Royal Silver Plated English Cutlery – 24 Piece Set

This silver coated Flatware will add an exceptional quality to your kitchen that you will love.silver cutlery

The embossed handles of this set of cutlery give it a great and classy finish. The handles are also comfortable enough to make it easy for you to use.

Washing the Flatware is stress-free as you can use a dishwasher or a piece of cloth.

A set of this Flatware can serve 6 people each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner, and teaspoon.

Your family will love that they can grow with this Flatware without having to worry about them rusting. You will love their durability as you won’t have to replace them over years.

The Royal Silver Plated English Cutlery is a great set of Flatware that will not only work well for your family’s everyday use but also for special occasions with your guests.

  • Durable
  • Glossy finish
  • Classy
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not come with a hostess set
  1. Fypo® Rainbow 24 Piece Flatware Set

This classy, durable Flatware adds color to your dining table and kitchen.rainbow silverware

It is convenient for your daily use as it is made of durable steel and is rust resistant. It is also designed to offer top quality performance.

When it comes to cleaning, it can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher or a dishrag making it an easy task for you.

The multi-colored coat will definitely make you and your family fall in love with this set at first site.

It offers 6 place servings each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, a dessert and dinner spoon.

The Fypo® Rainbow 24 Piece Flatware Set is an exciting set of Flatware that will be loved by both and your family due to its machine washable, long lasting and colorful nature.

  • A stylish rainbow colored Flatware set
  • Easy to clean, also dishwasher safe
  • Hand forged, thus a premium quality design
  • Does not have a hostess set

Choosing Best Flatware : Complete 101 Buying Guide

What is Flatware?

According to britannica, These are the utensils we use for eating food. Includes forks, knives, and spoons. Depending on the user, some Flatware is used from day to day while others are set aside for special events, mostly the most expensive Flatware and those that need careful handling.

Flatware varies in prices, and designs finish among other things. We have covered some of this in our buying guide to give you a better understanding of Flatware. Let’s get started;

Different kinds of Flatware

  • Sterling silver Flatware

Made from an alloy of silver, this Flatware has both weight and durability. It is elegant and best for formal dinner setups.

It is best cleaned by wiping then dry using a soft cloth. It can be washed by a machine but should not be mixed with other metals.

Soaking the Flatware causes discoloration.

  • Silver-plate Flatware

This Flatware has a metal base that is covered on the surface by a silver finish. Best for a formal dinner setup.

Best cleaned by use of a soft cloth. Can be washed using a dishwasher but should not be soaked for durability.

  • Gold Electroplate Flatware

This is Flatware whose metal base has a thin layer of gold on the surface. The plating is unique and makes a perfect decoration for your kitchen and dining table. They are best washed using a soft dishrag.

The downside is this Flatware tarnishes with time if not handled with care such as cleaning them separately from other cutlery.

  • Stainless steel Flatware

Most common Flatware. It has a great finish and quality. Gives an attractive look on your dining table and are long-lasting.

It offers three options; 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0

This represents the quantity of chromium and nickel in the Flatware respectively. The higher the percentage of chromium, the shiner the Flatware will be.

Stainless steel Flatware can be washed using a dishwasher and best for both official and casual dinner setups.

  • Pewter Flatware

This Flatware is soft and dents easily thus best for occasional use. Can also be used for informal dinner setup.

Features to consider when looking for the best Flatware:

  • Durability

The market has multiple options for Flatware created from different metals.

Stainless steel is the most durable and best for day to day use. Silver and gold are great but best for occasional use or formal events.

  • Design

You are going to have whatever Flatware you choose for a long time. Therefore, it is best to consider a set that looks great. Design is relative so just go by your taste. There are three main Flatware designs to choose:

Contemporary design

Always the best as it advances as technology advances. This versatile, durable and innovative Flatware includes trendy and best-designed shapes and offers maximum comfort when using it.

Classic design

Long-lasting and effortless Flatware that is defined by fine proportions and accurate detailing.  It has a bright finish and offers balance with each pattern. It fits most dining wares.

Decorative design

This Flatware always has a natural order of composition and evenness. They connect to nature and are mostly available in the floral theme.

A good design is one that is not only good to look at but also matches easily with your dinnerware.

  • How does it feel on the hand?

How Flatware feels on your hand depends on a number of things. This could be because of the weight, design or finish of the cutlery.

The handle of Flatware should feel comfortable, smooth and balanced on your hand. Choose Flatware that is not so light for your hand, with a comfortable design that you can use easily.

  • Chromium and Nickel amounts

Most Flatware is made from a combination of metal Chromium and Nickel being common. The percentage of Chromium and Nickel in Flatware determines its quality.

Stainless steel comes in 3 different types each with different ratio of Chromium and Nickel. The highest quality is 18/10 with 18 percent Chromium and 10 percent Nickel. 18/8 does not have much difference from the 18/10 Flatware. 18/0 has the lowest quality and is most prone to rust.

  • Versatility

To get a great value for your money, you should get Flatware that can be used in a variety of dinner setups. A great set is one that can be used when with your family and for other formal occasions.

  • Place settings

Flatware comes in different sets. This range from 1 set, 2, 4, 6 and so on. Different sets offer different cutlery. Buy a set that best suits you. For a small family, 4 place setting is enough. A huge family may require up to 8 place servings, so be sure to select what is best for you.

For a family that loves to entertain, a set that can serve up to 10 people would be ideal. And also one that includes an entertaining or a hostess set.

  • Finish

Same as the design, select a finish you can live with for a long time. Mirror finish is the most used Flatware. This is due to their highly reflective and polished surface that makes them attractive.

Some Flatware has a dull, matte finish while others combine both matte and mirrored. Select one that will offer you the look you would love to see every time you use the cutlery.

  • Forged or stamped

Stainless steel can be turned into cutlery by either stamping or forging. Forged Flatware is created from a thick piece of stainless steel, heated then cut to form the cutlery piece. They are stronger than stamped Flatware.

Stamped Flatware is cut out of a stainless steel piece.

Consider this before making your selection.

What is in a complete set of Flatware?

This will contain all utensils needed for dinner. A simple casual setup will need only a fork, knife and spoon while a formal one goes all out.

Flatware size

Flatware comes in different sizes;

  • Continental Flatware/European size

Here, the dinner fork and knife are the longest of the 3 sizes. Can be used for both official and casual dinner settings as it brings balance to a formal setup. It is slightly thicker than the other sizes because of its length. It promotes a rich feel on the hand because of its weight.

  • Place-size Flatware/American size

Lighter to hold and is easier to use compared to continental Flatware.  It is the most popular of the three sizes. It comes with a place spoon that is multipurpose and can be used for eating dessert, cereal, and soup.

  • Luncheon-size Flatware

Lastly, is this Flatware that is not so common in the modern day kitchen. It is the shortest of the three.

Different Flatware sets

  • Traditional setting

Day to day traditional Flatware set with fit to serve 6 people with 7 pieces of cutlery each.

  • Modern setting

Meals in the modern day are not as formal as old times. The courses are also fewer. This set has four place settings each with 5 pieces of cutlery.

Most are made of machine washable utensils.


Basic Flatware pieces

  1. A dinner fork is a standard-sized fork. Used for day to day main meals. Can also be used for different dishes.
  2. A fruit fork is smaller than a dinner fork. It is used for appetizers and fruit dishes.
  3. The salad fork is slightly smaller than the dinner fork.
  4. The dessert fork has three tines. Narrower than a salad fork but almost the same size.
  5. The fish fork should make it easy to clean the fish off the fork. It is narrower than a dinner fork but about the same length.
  6. An oyster or shellfish fork has two tines and is very small.

Different pieces are used for different purpose. Ensure you get the pieces you and your family will need on the table.


The dinner knife is the standard-sized knife. It is used for day to day use on the dinner table and performs multi-functions.

The butter knife comes with a rounded tip and is smaller in size compared to the dinner knife.

A fish knife has a distinct tip for stripping a fish that is served with head, skin, or bones.  It is almost the same size as a dinner knife.

A steak knife has an extra-sharp, serrated, edge. It is designed to cut through the soft meat.

  • Serve ware

This Flatware is handy during meal serving. Service Flatware usually includes a soup ladle, a large serving spoon, a large serving fork, a cake wedge, and a cheese knife.

Different pieces are used differently, ensure that you purchase the correct utensil to serve the foods that you serve regularly. Other service Flatware may include;

Mustard Spoon

This spoon is smaller compared to a teaspoon. They come with a hook at the edge so that they do not slip into the mustard. They are perfect when serving a small quantity of mustard.

Straining Spoon

Its main purpose is to drain food such as water from vegetables. Once drained, you can serve the food.

Jam Spoon

Has a kink that serves as a hook so the spoon won’t fall into the jam.

Salad Servers

A pair of spoons that has prongs at times. It is designed for lifting up salad carefully.

  • Spoons

Soup and dessert spoons are the most used. A tablespoon or place spoon can be used on a formal table if it is required. The soup spoon can be used when no soup is served but in a casual setup. A teaspoon is only necessary when there will be tea served.

What to look for before buying a fork and a knife;

  • The decoration has to be simple and complete.
  • The utensil has to be attractive on both sides.
  • The edges of the fork ought to be smooth and have a perfect shape. The tines should be balanced, and each side should be well polished.
  • Ensure the holders are wide enough so that they do not slide through the washing machine basket. The holder should also feel comfortable on the hand when held mostly for the knife.
  • The knife blade has to be wide, and the cutting edge should be good.
  • Where the knife joins with the handle shouldn’t leave any gap.
  • The spoon has to be deep enough for it to hold a decent bite comfortably.

Identical serving utensils

A single set of Flatware can include a set of serving utensils that match it. This can either be purchased as a hostess set or differently at an additional cost. The similar utensils in Flatware set may include;

flatware hostess set

A 43-piece set. 8 place serving and 3 serving utensil that includes a sugar spoon, a tablespoon, and a gravy soup spoon.

A 44-piece set. 8 place serving and 4 serving utensils that comprise a sugar spoon, tablespoon, soup spoon and a cold meat fork.

A 45-piece set. 8 place serving and five serving utensils that have a serving fork, two serving spoons; one perforated and the other solid, a butter spreader and a meat fork.

A 64-piece set that serves 12 people. Has 4 serving utensils that include a sugar spoon, a cold-meat fork, sugar spoon and a soup spoon.

A 66-piece set with 12 place servings and 6 serving utensils. Includes a solid and perforated serving spoon, pasty server, cold meat fork, a margarine knife and sugar pot.

A 90-piece set with 16 place serving. This comes with two hostess sets each with a cold-meat fork, serving soup spoon, sugar shell, pastry server and a butter knife.

A 101-piece set for serving 12 people. It includes 12 additional teaspoons, 12 frozen beverage spoons, and 12 cocktail forks. It also comes with five serving utensils that include a margarine knife, serving spoon, serving fork, a tart server, and a sugar spoon.

What determines the cost of Flatware?

Different Flatware is made from different materials and will cost differently. The quantity of silver used to create a pattern, labor and time that is needed to complete a given design determine the cost of the completed product.

The decoration of silver involves three methods:

  • Chased ornamentation
  • Engraved ornamentation
  • Applied ornamentation

The chased decoration is pushed out or indented. This is process does not comprise a lot of silver, it is less expensive to perform compared to the other two methods. This Flatware is the cheapest of the three.

Engraved decoration comprises a lot of silver as it cuts into metal. This makes it more expensive than chased design but cheaper than applied design.

Applied decoration involves the adornment of metal. The decorations include mold-made decoration, varnish, and cut-card work. These are the most expensive Flatware since the method requires extra metal and materials.


Top Factors To Consider Before Buying A Best Flatware Set

  • Number of people that will be using the set

It is important to know how many people you will be covering per serving with the Flatware you are purchasing. The number of Flatware pieces in a one table setting will cater for a different number of people.

To guide you, here is what is contained in different place setting set;

  • Three-piece table setting – The least number of cutlery in this set is three. Contains a dinner knife, fork, and a teaspoon.
  • Four-piece table setting – This set is popular for casual dinner setup. Includes a salad fork which doubles up as dessert cutlery.
  • Five-piece table setting – Adds a soup spoon. Also used to eat cereal.
  • Six-piece table setting – Features a butter spreader. Also works as cheese spreader.
  • Seven-piece table setting – Adds a frozen beverage spoon.
  • Material

Consider the material of Flatware before buying it. The market offers different type of materials. Includes; silver-plated Flatware, solid, chromium-nickel steel Flatware. Each with different luster and durable.

Have beforehand information on the different Flatware materials before your selection.

  • Color

You should not limit yourself to just one color. Flatware comes in different colors such as gold, silver, black and rainbow which can add to your kitchen design.

Before buying, know what would match your kitchen.

  • Pattern

What kind of dinnerware do you own? Select a pattern that will match with your dinnerware. This way, you maintain your style and design.

  • Formal vs. casual setup

Flatware selection depends on how it is going to be used. Some Flatware is great for a formal dinner set while others work best for an informal one. Understand what you will be using the cutlery for before your selection.

Some people opt for two different set where the expensive set is used during special occasions whereas the cheaper one is for day to day dinner.

  • Cleaning

You will need to clean your utensils after every use. Getting Flatware that can be easily cleaned will be great for you. It will be better if it is machine washable.

Some Flatware needs extra care while handling such as gold plated ones.

  • Storage

Where are you going to store the Flatware? This will determine the size and shape of Flatware you should select. You should also ensure the place you store your utensils will be big enough to avoid other cutleries from causing scratches on others. You will have two options;

flatware caddy

Cutlery Tray – The aim was to have it fit in a kitchen dresser or drawer. They are designed in different sizes and materials so as to fit the different types of cutlery. They are usually not deep and have sections to place all cutlery. This will not keep your Flatware safe but also make it easy for you to select the right cutlery to use for dinner.

Cutlery Cabinet – It is a storage box and varies in design and style. They have a hinged door and soft lining to keep the cutlery from scratching and from damage. They will not only keep your cutlery safe but also add to the design of your kitchen. Mostly those constructed using polished wood.

  • Weight

Select Flatware that feels great in your hand. The weight should be heavy enough for you to grasp for your comfort.

  • Budget

Have a plan of how much you are willing to spend on a set of Flatware before you start the buying process. This will make it easy for you as you will select Flatware basing on what you can afford. The market offers a number of great Flatware at affordable prices, so this should not worry you.


After the extensive discussion on modern Flatware for 2018 in this review, we believe you now have a better understanding of the various features and factors you should consider when buying one. Whether buying on a limited budget, for parties or for everyday use, we have everything covered in this article. Your next purchase of Flatware should be easy and fun!

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