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More often than not, you find yourself helplessly wishing for a third arm to hold up a freezer bag while you empty your leftovers inside. Clipping firmly to your bag, this simple contraption allows you to pour contents from nuts to sauce without making a mess. Definitely a fantastic tool for a klutz! Or for anyone who values convenience.

With a no slip rubber base and clips on either side, this storage bag holder is truly “hands free”. Ideal for sloppy foods, or frozen foods that require more control and assistance keeping open, this hands free baggy rack holds your storage bag in place and open while allowing you to poor out the contents more precisely. This can also be used upside down to help dry out freshly rinsed bags and is also collapsible to save space.

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This witty creation basically lets you clip on a spout and a drainer to the side of your pot. Whether you’re cooking noodles, pasta, or anything else that needs water to be drained, you will no longer suffer the risk of burning your hands with hot steam. Simply clip the drainer on, tilt, and voila, you’re done.

  • What makes this clip on different than other popular versions (such as the less high rated Silpoura Silicone Clip-On Spout) is that its draining space is much wider therefore it covers pot space and reduced time spent draining and food that might be lost draining.
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What’s worse than garlic breath? The pungent smell that lingers on your hands. After all, you don’t smell your own breath. Rub away any awful stench with the Amco Rub Away Bar and settle in for a good meal you’ve worked hard at preparing. Works for fishy or onion smells too. And perhaps even the stinky feet or pits, just saying.
Made with stainless steel, a chemical reaction is created by running it under cold water whilst you rub it between your hands. Shaped like your average bar of soap, using the bar will be natural for you. Worried about how long it will last? Don’t be. With even frequent use the bar is said to work almost indefinitely while still maintaining the looks of being new.

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Bottles of cooking spray don’t come cheap. Spraying or atomising out oil, this compact refillable kitchen tool not only fits nicely on your counter. On top of that it’s convenient for many uses, such as: misting salad, spraying cookie sheets, coating food, grilling meat, and more. Thumbs up for being environmentally friendly and it’s the perfect gadget for the DIY home cooks- think homemade infused olive oil.

Nope, the Prepara Oil Mister, is not your average mister. With a glass bass, it makes for much easier cleaning and sterilization. Simply poor your chosen oil into the base, attach the lock-in-place misting top, remove the lid, and spray away.  The mister is also equipped with a clog filter so you needn’t worry about thicker oils clogging it.

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One of the best ways you can maximize time and space in your kitchen- rinse, slice and hold your ingredients all in one board. An over the sink cutting board with a removable 2 1/2 quart strainer on one side, makes hopping and cleaning much easier.

Use the strainer as a holding place for strained materials such as olives or pickle’s, and easily transfer to the cutting board for easy chopping, or use the cutting board as you would any other for chopping vegetable, meats, fruits, etc., and then transfer your cuttings into the strainers for easy cleaning.

More highly useful cutting boards here. Hit this link if you’re in need for a soaking and straining bowl in one.

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