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Mini Cart

Easy to clean, microwavable, dish washer friendly, compact, flexible, child proof and almost indestructible. In short, it’s probably going to be one of the most useful items in your kitchen.

Every good chef needs an equally good set of Silicone Bowls. This 3 piece set has so many uses. Great for hand mixing, measure, and (obviously) pouring, these are an especially a great addition your bakers kitchen. With the sturdy but flexible build, these are ideal for holding thick batters and poring said batters out with minimal mess and maximum control.

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Herbs bring soul in your dishes. Yet even with great knife skills, preparing fresh herbs can be a chore. Enter the FastCut Herb Mincer. Fashioned with sharp “roller blades”, this sleek gadget allows you to mince fresh herbs without crushing them in the matter of seconds.

Simply glide the mincer over the herb of your choice and let its sharp blades do the job. Not only are your hands free from retaining all of the potentially unwanted scents that the herbs may bring. If you are a hardcore herb enthusiast this gadget may pair nicely with a herb stripper for stemmy herbs.

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Who hasn’t microwaved food, only to find it bubbled and splattered all over the inside of their microwave? The Microwave Spatter Screen fits over a variety of bowls and plates of different sizes, giving you a clean microwave experience every time.

Say goodbye to soaked paper towels and poorly placed wasted plastic wrap. This microwave splatter screen is flexible enough to fit around most bowls and with weighted beads, will also stay in place.

A useful kitchen gadget to any microwave owner and a particular good gift for mess-making students or travelers often only having access to a microwave oven for cooking.

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