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11 Ways to Make Your Dining Look More Expensive

Let’s be honest here if the title has drawn you here then you’re like me – one of the dreamers! We’re dazzled by the luxurious and high-class society itsy-bitsy and wherever we’ve seen a classy looking dining – be it the movies or the magazines, you’ve, without a doubt, imagined yourself occupying that beautiful room.


Probably having tea dressed like the queen of England with the queen of England! But as reality disappoints, most of us are not financially well equipped to meet our dreams. But fear not, as the title suggests – we’re here to guide you through your dilemma between fantasy and reality without going bankrupt as smoothly as possible.

So our main challenge today is to make our dining look gorgeous with best modern flatware while taming the wild horse of economic expenses. Let’s take a deep insight into the key factors which makes the dining dazzle like diamonds.

  1. Look & Feel: This is pretty self-explanatory – let’s examine the details in the later section.
  2. Cost Minimization: Yes, the second most challenging thing would be to minimize the cost of course.
  3. Meet The Need: No matter how you make it look, comfy and cozy is the most important thing. Because satisfaction is what we’re looking for at the end of the day.
  4. Air Circulation
  5. Light and Visuals
  6. Decoration

Now, for my next trick, here’s how you can make your dining look expensive.


Lighting is important. But not necessarily sun-like extreme light. On the contrary dim light is encouraged – at night anyway. When you’re thinking a dim light with low expenses its normal to think about quitting. To maintain a visibly aesthetic light while not eating blindly, you have to be very careful.

Usually, it’s maintained by increasing or decreasing the number of bulbs of low brightness. But considering how we’re not filthy rich like certain Chinese restaurants, let’s do away with two-three bulbs of high luminosity. Instead of putting them blindly, we’ll keep them near the center at the opposite of each other. This way you can cover most areas while not hitting your eyes too hard and keeping the atmosphere eccentric.

One good way to optimal lighting is to blocking direct light to your center table, where you’re opting to sit. The light will decrease noticeably. This is called a light diffuser photographers use many devices, papers, clothing to diffuse what they like to call “hard light.”

Now, the good news here is, while researching about these online, there’s a ton of DIY projects of light diffuser – things you waste most of the time is used to make these diffusers. To mention a few – wax paper and shower curtain comes to mind. We’ll cover the tables part later.

One good trick I can show you that no one else can is a reflection.


Reflection is crucial to two things – lighting and spacing.

In the matter of lighting, reflection maximizes your budget. Good reflection strategies can not only help you achieve the dim effect we were trying to achieve but also induce healthy vibe at daytime. Positioning has to be planned carefully. With the bulbs and windows, several mirrors can be used. For soft light, use a reflector. The walls can help you in this case. If you have light wall painting colors, it’ll help. Use cheap wallpapers if you have to.


In spacing, it’s easy to notice how reflection can play mind games with the customers in renowned shops and shopping malls. You can apply the same effect. Just make sure when someone enters the room the reflection s/he watches is a symmetric one. The first impression of the room is going to stick for the longest time.


To be frank, airflow improving has nothing to do with how we can make your dining look more expensive, instead of how you can feel at home with your guests. So, will not waste your time with this one.


There are tons of decoration you can do for dining rooms, in fact, any room. Few good ideas come to mind. Let me break down one by one.

  1. Dress your furniture up

There are a massive collection of articles available on how you can spend a handful amount of money to make your cheap looking furniture to up their game. Simple tools such as painting colors can induce a visibly imperial effect.

  1. Chandelier

A chandelier is not recommended if costing is a bottleneck for you. However, you can make your dining look extra expensive with a beautiful looking chandelier.

  1. Houseplants

Plants whether they’re big or bonsai can make a beautiful scene in the background of a nice meal, good conversation, and classy looking dining.


  1. Flatware

Ask around; there’s bound be some beautiful looking porcelain plates around the house somewhere. Isn’t it time to give those dust ridden plates a spin?

Needless to say, flatware sets are inevitable for decorating your dining. From eating soup to nuts without the flatware, you can’t imagine superb dining to gratify your unquenchable thirst.  You don’t need a massive or best flatware collection instead of having only the essential utensils will serve your purpose. So why not decorate your dining your essential ones to look it more expensive?

Make no mistake on simple table setting whether it’s formal or casual. Here is the cheater’s guide to table etiquette.


  1. Bar Station

A DIY bar station can pave the way to make your dining look much classier than dining without one.

  1. Textile

A good part of decoration depends on the textile used in a room. So invest and improve your budget in textiles.

  1. Creative Artistry

Ambiguous art projects, be it your own or bought from somewhere, can amp up your dining experience. The bigger, the better if you know what I mean.

  1. Color Scheme

A good color combination of walls and other decorations such as furniture or tables can add to the high-class atmosphere you’re opting for.


  1. Wallpapers

Themed wallpapers can do wonders. Flowery wallpapers would be my recommendation.

  1. Rug

Add a nice smooth carpet to your arsenal.

  1. Theme

Oh, this is a big one! Over the years, we’ve all come across themed restaurants where from decorations to even food menu is related to a popular theme. This may sound like a lot of hassle and DIY but if you’re looking for something exceptional and catches everyone’s eyes And live your fantasy in your home, decorate your dining on a theme.

Few examples would be superhero themed, harry potter themed, favorite sports-themed, Star Wars, star trek, lord of the rings and/or any other pop culture themes you can think of.

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