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Veggie Shreds Maker

Okay, granted, a julienner slash peeler isn’t actually something you didn’t know existed. Because of its versatility it does belong to the most handy kitchen tools though. This 2 in 1 peeler will definitely be your ideal kitchen aid for various reasons.

A neat little device to slice up your fruits and vegetables into perfect thin slices. Why would you ever want to do that? How about pasta-free pasta, a.k.a. zucchini pasta? What about homemade baked apple chips, or even fancy fruit garnishing for your pudding or dessert? Why not?

Versatile and multi-purpose, this highly useful piece is a great addition to any kitchen filled with fruits and veggies. No wonder this Precision Kitchenware Julienne & Vegetable Peeler has over 1500 five star reviews.

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