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Set Up Your Dinning Table Like A Pro

Setting the table is an art that is often ignored and overlooked. A good dinner table can make a wonderful impression on your guest and can add that bit of extra enjoyment to the meal to take it from a good one to a heavenly one. Many people underappreciate the art of a good dinner […]

Bag Resealer

Do we need to say more? This picture says it all. This will prevent you from making excuses. No more, ‘I have to empty the bag or they will go stale which would be a pity’. Looking at it like this, the iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer is actually a health boosting gadget.

Spaghetti Measurer

This tool is ingenious in its simplicity. Spaghetti always is a tough food to estimate. Admit it, you’ve tried all sorts of (funny) ways to measure your portions- bowls, handfuls, spoons and etc. With this, you never will cook too large or small portions of pasta ever again, whether you’re cooking for one or twenty.

Water Bottle Stick Ice Cube Tray

This knickknack is the savior for cold beverage-loving folks. Gone will be the days of scouring for the perfect bottle that a regular ice cube can fit into without it being too bulky. A bottle of ice cold drink can go a long way, especially in summer. For outdoorsy folks with reusable water bottles, the […]

Chop Wizard

Why useful? You may not have the ninja-style chopping skills of this street food vendor. Because you’re always in a hurry. Having a family of 4, you may need to slice and dice more than that single red Maui onion in a minimalist, zero-waste kitchen. With the Chop Wizard, you can easily chop and dice […]

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