Luxury Rose Gold Flatware Set
Luxury Rose Gold Flatware Set
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Luxury Rose Gold Flatware Set



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With a perfect rose gold plated cutlery set for the dinner table, your setting is likely to get completed. Luxury introduced a flatware set having a polished gold colored surface to meet your desire for luxury decoration. Being a-piece set, the package holds enough to enjoy a gathering or party over dinner.

  • Elegant Exterior: With perfect electroplating of rose gold color over the surface, the fresh look remains for the whole service life. The elegant and uniform plating provides maximum convenience.
  • Quick Cleaning: Each cutlery being dishwasher safe enables an easy and effortless task for cleanups. For quick preparation to serve, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the exterior to get the shiny look.
  • Stronger Construction: Through a high-quality German stainless steel framework, the flatware lasts incredibly long. Also, superior stability gets ensured through the 18/10 grade steel framework.
  • Premium Forging: Having forged steel, the pieces meet higher standard and quality. But hand forging for the steel induces exceptional importance and value for this particular set all the way.
  • Family Pack: Counting 24 pieces for the set, you will find dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon along with dessert spoon. With 6 gears for each one, a moderate party or gathering gets the ultimate satisfaction.

Exterior with great surfacing and interior with quality material just reaches a perfection for this ergonomic set over the table.

24 Piece Package Includes:

  • 6 X Dinner Fork
  • 6 X Dinner Knife
  • 6 X Dinner Spoon
  • 6 X Dessert Spoon


  • 6 X Salad Fork (Not included in 24 Piece Package)
  • 6 X Steak Knife (Not included in 24 & 30 Piece Package)

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Setting up an new kitchen or buying new items for your dining space or cooking space is naturally going to involve selecting or choosing the right cutlery set such as these rose gold flatware set. So that you can have them out on display and use them when the time comes.

Though you may be tempted to pick up any good looking cutlery, not all kitchen cutlery sets are created but these luxury rose gold cutlery is silverware set of product item that stand out among other cutlery sets.

You can find other flatware sets of 18/0 stainless steel material which are low quality and doesn’t last for long. But Urban Kitchen rose gold cutlery set is made by 18/10 German stainless steel which are very durable and high end quality.

You should be looking at several facts when choosing the cutlery other than the stainless steel grade such as the size , shape  last but not least weight of these individual piece. We guarantee our flatware set has full filled all the criteria above.

A Helpful Tip

Buying a gold plated flatware set is not something which are likely to do very often, but it is something that you really need to get right as it can be very difficult to find matching pieces for the set separately at a later date  in case of any damage.

We can offer individual sets if you have bought the complete 24 piece rose gold cutlery set from us earlier day. For that you need to contact our support & we will send you special invoice for that.

Things That You Should Know Before Purchasing Gold Flatware

Flatware per say means the hand utensil which can be used for preparing, serving or eating food. Rages of several flatware are available in the market that is made up of different materials.

Our cutlery set is one of the finest and the most beautiful set. They exhibits a great range of durable and elegant dining flatware set in the market right now.

These are best for enhancing the setting of your dining table for your prestigious guests.

Urban Kitchen rose gold flatware set is rust proof, hard-wearing, dishwasher safe and processes a high practical value. They are made from 65% Copper, 12% Nickel & 23% Zinc. However you should not try to scratch them with rough materials when you are cleaning.

In Conclusion

As you can see choosing our luxury modern rose gold utensil will be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to improving your kitchen. And if you but a little bit of time and peace of mind selecting this product, you can get the best cutlery set to make your dinner table a place to show.

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